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Require Insurers to Cover Therapy Services in Hawaii

Ask your state legislators to require insurance policies to cover therapy services

Your state legislators are considering two bills that would require that insurance policies provide coverage for certain therapy services for survivors of brain injuries, including stroke survivors. These bills will help ensure that Hawaiians have access to the care they need to recover to their fullest potential after a stroke.

Click the Take Action button at the bottom of this page to send your state legislators the message shown below. Even though the message begins Dear [Representative/Senator], the names of your legislators will be automatically filled in before the message is delivered to them. You can also tell them how these services could help you or someone you know who is a stroke survivor or caregiver. To do that:

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Please Support Therapy Services for Brain Injury Survivors

Dear [Senator/Representative],

I am writing to ask for your support of SB 1227 and HB 1838. As introduced, these bills would require insurers to cover certain therapy services for survivors of brain injuries in all policies issued after Dec. 31, 2013.

Stroke is considered an acquired brain injury; thus, stroke survivors would be eligible for these services, which are critical to post-stroke recovery. Additionally, many stroke survivors in our state don't currently have access to these services due to coverage gaps.

For some stroke survivors, having access to these services means the difference between remaining in their home and having to move to institutionalized care. For others, these therapy services could enable them to regain their ability to complete basic tasks, such as speaking, walking or eating, without assistance. In some cases, they are the difference between a stroke survivor going back to work and having to rely on public assistance for the remainder of his or her life. That means this new coverage requirement can not only improve the quality of life for stroke survivors in our state, but it also has the potential to decrease the long-term costs to the healthcare system.

I join National Stroke Association in urging you to help stroke survivors in our state by ensuring access to the therapy services outlined in SB 1227 and HB 1838.

Thank you,
[Your Name]
[Your Address]
[City, State ZIP]