The Time is Now to Restore Miami Marine Stadium

Few places capture the spirit of South Florida quite like Miami Marine Stadium. From the roar of hydroplanes to dazzling live performances on Biscayne Bay, it was here that Miami turned its cultural heartbeat into a spectacle the world couldn’t resist.

Fast forward to today, however, and this masterwork of modern architecture sits empty and unused, just as it has for 20 years since it was shuttered. And although its concrete walls now showcase world-class street art, the stadium’s abandonment has led to deterioration that can no longer be ignored.

This February, tens of thousands of visitors will behold the stadium in all its dilapidated glory as they arrive at the Miami International Boat Show. This beloved icon deserves better. That’s why we’re asking Miami’s city commissioners to make restoring Miami Marine Stadium a priority in 2016.

Every city has a building emblematic of its culture, from New York’s Empire State Building to Paris’ Eiffel Tower. Miami has Miami Marine Stadium, and it must be restored for future generations.

Please sign our petition to show your support. And if you have a stadium story to share, use the form below to customize your letter to the City Commission.

Photo Credit: Rick Bravo


  • Commissioner Frank Carollo
  • Commissioner Willy Gort
  • Commissioner Keon Hardemon
  • Commissioner Ken Russell
  • Commissioner Francis Suarez


Please Make Restoring Miami Marine Stadium a Priority in 2016

Dear Miami City Commissioners,  

I am writing today to encourage you to make the restoration of Miami Marine Stadium a priority in 2016.

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