Our national shared heritage is at risk!

A vital tool that has preserved places of great historic and cultural significance is again under threat. Join us in asking Congress to stand up for the Antiquities Act, to help protect the places that help define us as a nation.

In the current Congress, a number of bills and amendments threaten to significantly weaken the power of the Antiquities Act, a law that since 1906 has enabled presidents from both parties to save some of America’s most treasured places, from the Statue of Liberty to the Grand Canyon. This is especially egregious considering our country celebrated the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service in 2016!

Instead of supporting our parks and national monuments as the majority of Americans do, Congress is taking aim at a law that was used to protect nearly half of our national parks, including some of our most cherished, such as Acadia, Badlands, and Chaco Canyon national parks.

We must act today to ensure the power of the Antiquities Act is preserved. Urge your members of Congress to oppose these attacks on a law that has a century-old tradition of protecting America’s most important historic, cultural, and natural sites.

Learn more about the Antiquities Act and why it is a vitally important preservation tool on our website.

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Please Support the Antiquities Act!

Dear [Decision Maker],

As a supporter of our nation's rich heritage, I urge you to support the Antiquities Act, a tool that for more than a century has enabled 8 Republican and 8 Democratic presidents to decisively save more than 150 historic, cultural and natural sites across America.

Many of our most cherished public places began as national monuments under the Antiquities Act, including the Statue of Liberty, Grand Canyon, Acadia, Zion, and Chaco Canyon. These places not only protect natural and historic treasures, but also stir our imaginations, broaden our understanding of our history, sustain local economies, enhance our quality of life and protect sites of national significance for the enjoyment and education of future generations.

Your support for the Antiquities Act would show your commitment to the preservation of our nation's historical, cultural and natural resources. I urge you to preserve the Antiquities Act as it is, to ensure the ongoing protection of our lands and history.

Thank you.

[Your Name]


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