I pledge my support for a rehabilitated Veterans Memorial Coliseum!

Since 1960, Portland’s Veterans Memorial Coliseum (VMC) has served the area well, hosting more than 5,000 events over its 56-year history. It represents the collective memories of Portlanders who have witnessed some of the city’s most remarkable moments, from the Beatles to the Trail Blazers.

However, in order for the VMC to continue serving the community of Portland as a multi-purpose arena, it needs clear direction and new investments soon. Many of the building’s critical systems date to its original construction and need replacing, while deferred maintenance has accumulated to a point where the costs of keeping the facility open will begin to rise rapidly.

We urge you to pledge your support for a rehabilitated VMC. Your support will ensure that elected officials and other stakeholders understand that support that exists from the community for this community asset and architectural marvel.

Thanks for joining the National Trust in our call for a rehabilitated VMC!

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Support a rehabilitated Veterans Memorial Coliseum!

Dear Portland Elected Officials: 

I am writing today to express my support for a rehabilitated Veterans Memorial Coliseum (VMC). The Coliseum is a community asset, an architectural marvel, and a veterans memorial that occupies a special place in our community.

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