Add your voice to our call to protect Bears Ears!

The National Trust is joining Native American tribes, conservation groups, and public officials in requesting that President Obama use his Antiquities Act authority to create a Bears Ears National Monument, to provide permanent protection to this unparalleled cultural landscape.

Join us in speaking up for the lands that define us as a people and that will inspire us and enrich our lives for generations to come.

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  • The President Donald J. Trump


President Obama: Create a Bears Ears National Monument

Dear [Decision Maker],

I join the National Trust for Historic Preservation and local, tribal, and national allies in asking you to create a Bears Ears National Monument which would provide permanent protection to one of the most significant cultural landscapes in the United States.

Bears Ears is home to more than 100,000 cultural and archaeological sites associated with Pueblo, Navajo, and Ute Tribes, including Ice Age hunting camps, cliff dwellings, prehistoric villages, ancient roads, and petroglyphs and pictographs. Despite its vast cultural significance, this landscape is suffering from looting, mismanaged recreational use, and energy development.

Thank you for serving to protect this extraordinary gift of natural and cultural heritage for current and future generations to enjoy and experience.

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