Urge your U.S. lawmakers to be champions for preservation in tax reform.

Join us in urging your elected officials in Washington to support the federal historic tax credit by co-sponsoring the Historic Tax Credit Improvement Act (HTCIA).

This bipartisan legislation presents a perfect opportunity to let your lawmaker know the historic tax credit matters to you.

By making strategic changes to the federal historic tax credit, HTCIA will further encourage reuse and redevelopment in small, midsize, and rural communities, helping more Main Streets across America breathe new life into their historic commercial districts.

We’ve prepared a sample message below for your convenience. Please consider customizing the letter to reflect why this credit matters to you.

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Show your support for our heritage by co-sponsoring H.R. 1158/S. 425

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I am writing to urge your co-sponsorship of the Historic Tax Credit Improvement Act (HTCIA), H.R. 1158/S. 425.

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