Support the Historic Tax Credit Basis Adjustment Bill

Champions of the federal historic tax credit have just introduced legislation that would modernize the credit and bring it into alignment with other similar tax incentives while still preserving the vast majority of the savings achieved by the Tax Cut and Jobs Act.

Please join us in urging your Members of Congress to support this bill, to enhance the historic tax credit’s power to create jobs and revitalize communities throughout the country.


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Support the Historic Tax Credit Enhancement Act of 2018

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to urge your support for new legislation that would enhance the value of the federal historic tax credit (HTC) program.

The HTC provides owners of historic buildings with an incentive to invest in the difficult task of rehabilitating their properties according to governmental standards that maintain a historic building's character and integrity. Since it was enacted by President Ronald Reagan in 1981, this program has transformed tens of thousands of underused buildings for new and productive uses, created millions of good-paying jobs, and attracted more than $131 billion in private investment for cities and towns across America.

For these reasons, I urge you to support the Historic Tax Credit Enhancement Act of 2018. Thank you.

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