Denver’s Larimer Square Needs Your Help!

As Denver’s first commercial center and the city’s first historic district (1971), Larimer Square is a nationally known preservation success story and one of the city’s most iconic places. Saved from urban renewal in the 1960s, Larimer Square today is an anchor in Denver’s thriving Lower Downtown commercial, entertainment and residential district. It’s also a compelling illustration of how historic preservation can restore the soul of a city, create places that attract people, and make good economic sense.

Citing the high costs of deferred maintenance and infrastructure upgrades, the owners of Larimer Square proposed a redevelopment of the block that includes partial demolition of several buildings and the potential construction of two towers. The proposal would require approvals by the Denver Landmark Commission, Denver City Council, and the Mayor’s Administration to rescind the historic district’s 64-foot height limit, and amend the legal protections that have supported Larimer Square’s historic context, integrity, scale and character since 1971.

Please pledge your support for a preservation solution at Larimer Square!


Denver's Larimer Square Needs Your Help!


Please add my name to show my support for a preservation solution for Denver's beloved Larimer Square. As both Denver's first commercial block and first historic district, Larimer Square is a pioneering national model for revitalizing cities through preservation. I join the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Historic Denver, and preservationists nationwide to urge the Larimer Square Advisory Committee, Denver Landmark Commission, and Denver's elected leaders to support alternatives to the proposed redevelopment. It is possible to sensitively modernize Larimer Square's historic buildings while preserving intact what makes this district so uniquely Denver and retaining the ordinance that has made this world-class city so distinctive.

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