Sign our Historic Tax Credit Pledge to bring jobs, economic development, and pride to communities nationwide.

The federal historic tax credit has been quietly and effectively transforming historic buildings into new uses for more than 30 years. These projects:

  • Create more and better paying jobs than new construction, because historic preservation is more labor-intensive than new construction.

  • Save places that give communities character and that residents, businesses and tourists flock to.

  • Fuel local economies because developers tend to source their material and labor locally, instead of from faraway factories.

  • Are “green.” Historic rehabilitation projects essentially recycle existing buildings in existing communities. This keeps development away from farmland and green space, and close to public transportation and other services.

  • Make good economic sense. The historic tax credit program has cost the U.S. Treasury $17.5 billion in its 32-year history, which is more than offset by the $22.3 billion in federal taxes these projects have generated.

Now the historic tax credit program and its positive impacts are threatened by cuts or possible elimination by Congress. We don’t have to stand for this. Sign our pledge and join the fight to save the historic tax credit -- because it works.

Save the Historic Tax Credit

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I recognize the federal historic tax credit transforms historic buildings and neighborhoods into places in which people want to work, live and visit -- creating jobs and revitalizing communities nationwide. I pledge to join the National Trust for Historic Preservation and its allies in a fight to keep bringing jobs and economic development, so that it may continue to enrich communities for current and future generations to enjoy.

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