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Modernism. It encompasses styles from International to Brutalist, showcases masters from van der Rohe to Wright, and asserts that form follows function. Beginning in the 1930s, architects, engineers, and designers pushed the boundaries to create new shapes and spaces that supported “modern” ideas of living and working. And it’s that spirit of innovation and experimentation — the desire to create something never seen before — that makes Modern architecture worthy of recognition and protection.

Yet the significant buildings, landscapes, and sites of the Modern movement are among the most underappreciated and vulnerable aspects of our nation’s heritage. Day by day, demolitions chip away at the recent past. The latest loss: Prentice Women’s Hospital in Chicago, a one-of-a-kind cloverleaf-shaped building that could easily have continued serving a vital community role.

So while “less is more” certainly applies to the Modern aesthetic, it shouldn’t apply to the buildings themselves. Help us stem this tide before more landmarks are lost. Sign the pledge today to show your support for Modernism across the country, and learn how you can help keep these marvels of art, engineering, and innovation around for generations to come.

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Modernism is an essential piece of American architectural history and a significant symbol of the country's innovation and creativity. I pledge to join the National Trust for Historic Preservation and its allies in supporting and protecting Modernist icons around the country, so they can continue to push boundaries and expand our understanding of art, architecture, and beauty.

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