Stand with Us in Support of Madam C.J. Walker’s Villa Lewaro

The time is now to share her story — of triumph and success in business, beauty, philanthropy, and more.

By signing this pledge, I am standing in support of the work to preserve and reuse Madam C.J. Walker’s Villa Lewaro.

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Madam C.J. Walker was America's first, self-made, female millionaire. Her estate, Villa Lewaro, is a monument to the willpower and foresight of this highly revered businesswoman. Madam Walker built the 34-room mansion to stand as a tribute to the advancements of African-Americans, and as a place of pilgrimage for all those seeking inspiration. With more than 20 years of careful stewardship, Villa Lewaro now stands in need of proper legal protections and a sustainable reuse strategy to ensure that it remains in use for generations to come.

I pledge my support of Madam C.J. Walker's legacy and her estate, Villa Lewaro.

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