Theodore Roosevelt's Legacy at Elkhorn Ranch is in Danger!

Theodore Roosevelt's Elkhorn Ranch is a treasured national heirloom that we must cherish and gently pass on to future generations. Our president, Stephanie Meeks made this point in a CBS Sunday Morning segment with Mo Rocca and Ted Roosevelt IV, Teddy’s great-grandson. She spoke urgently about the threats posed to the sanctity of Elkhorn Ranch by enroaching oil and gas extraction in western North Dakota. 

Now please join us in calling for greater protection for Elkhorn Ranch by signing our petition to the governor of North Dakota, Mr. Doug Burgum. 

Thank you for standing up for our heritage. Oil and gas exploration has its place. But we can’t let industry destroy the birthright of our children and, in the words of Roosevelt himself, our children’s children.

Theodore Roosevelt's Elkhorn Ranch Needs Your Help

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