Help Create a Bright Future for the Palace of the Governors

PalaceGovlargeBlairClark.jpgThe Palace of the Governors, one of Santa Fe’s most treasured, iconic, and recognizable places, needs the funding necessary to perform much-needed repairs which, left unaddressed, will place the Palace’s future in peril.

The site is threatened by the lack of budget for capital improvements to address the deterioration and deferred maintenance of the structure. The last time the building was fully renovated was in the 1970s. Much-needed repairs now include: roof and interior gallery wall improvements; and modernized mechanical systems like HVAC, lighting, and fire suppression. Without funding to accomplish this work in a timely manner, deterioration of the structure will continue and the cost of repairs will increase.

These capital needs now total $1.5 million, which the legislature can fund through its capital outlay budget. In addition, a $3.5 million private fundraising campaign will augment state funding and be used to upgrade the interior exhibits in the Palace once the structural upgrades have been made. In the 2015 session, the legislature did allocate $680,000 of the total funding needed. While this is a great first step, the Palace’s needs still account for almost more than twice that amount, and must be secured by the end of the 2016 legislative session.

Tell your elected officials that the Palace matters to you. Please sign the petition below to let them know, and to help ensure its preservation for future generations.

Photo of Palace of the Governors by Blair Clark.

Help Create a Bright Future for the Palace of the Governors

Dear Elected Officials, 

I am writing today to encourage you to ensure the Palace of the Governors receives desperately-needed funding for repairs and improvements essential to its continued operation and existence.

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