Tell Your Senators to Support Struggling Families

The last time we checked, our economy hasn’t fully rebounded, state budgets are still in dire straits, too many families are living from paycheck to paycheck ― if they are lucky enough to have a paycheck at all ― and the health of too many families is at risk.

So we must ensure that our Senators support legislation that extends a lifeline to struggling families. We need legislation that allows jobless workers to continue their health insurance coverage through COBRA, supports funding for states to prevent families from losing Medicaid, and extends vital unemployment insurance benefits and cash assistance to low-income families through the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program.

States are running in the red. Without these funds, many states will make deeper cuts to health care, emergency assistance and other vital services for children and families. Don’t let our Senators short-change our country ― tell your Senators to pass legislation that helps America grow and families thrive.

You can also call the offices of your Senators directly and tell them to support critical extensions for at-risk families.

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I urge you to support critical assistance for the unemployed now.

I urge you to help struggling women and families and pass a comprehensive bill today.

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