Tell Secretary Sebelius that Vulnerable Women Deserve Abortion Coverage

Remember how angry women got when we were told we couldn’t use our own private dollars to obtain coverage of abortion care? Well it’s back. The Administration decided — without justification in law or policy — to ban abortion coverage in the newly created Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plans.

It is still bad policy and your voice is needed.

Tell Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius how this harmful restriction undermines women’s access to reproductive health care now. Submit your comments today.

If adopted, this ban would prevent women with serious pre-existing medical conditions — like cancer or diabetes — from getting the abortion coverage they need to protect their health. And it will not even allow women the ability to pay for such coverage with their own private premium dollars.

Comments are due this Tuesday, September 28, so take action and tell Secretary Sebelius to stand up for the health of these vulnerable women and to reject this dangerous policy once and for all.

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Dear Secretary Sebelius,

I am writing in strong opposition to the prohibition on abortion coverage, except in limited circumstances, in Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plans.

The new health care law was meant to expand health coverage to all Americans. Instead, this provision restricts access to critical care for an already vulnerable population of women. I urge withdrawal of this prohibition in the rule.

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