Tell Your Member of Congress to Vote NO on the Repeal of the New Health Care Law

New Year’s Resolution #1 for the new Speaker of the House? To repeal the new health care law and let insurance companies treat women like a pre-existing condition again — but not if we have anything to do with it.

It’s worth repeating: the top priority of the new Speaker would allow women to once again suffer discriminatory insurance practices. Speaker Boehner’s plan to repeal the health care law will re-open the door to discriminatory insurance practices like charging women more than men for health care coverage and denying coverage to domestic violence survivors and mothers who have had Caesarean sections under the guise that these are “pre-existing conditions.”

Together we made history last year by passing a health care law that is providing no-cost preventive health care services, ensuring that people with pre-existing conditions have access to health care coverage, and preventing insurance companies from dropping patients when they become sick.

But on January 12th, Speaker Boehner has scheduled a vote in the House of Representatives to take away every piece of the new health care law that benefits for women and their families. Repeal would return us to the days of being at the mercy of the insurance industry, and we can’t go back.

Help us stop their efforts. Fill out the form to email your Representative, and don't forget to add your personal story (especially if the new health care law is helping you).

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Dear Representative

I am writing to urge you to vote NO on repealing the new health care law.

The health care law is critical for women and their families and I urge you to vote NO on repealing the law. Repeal returns us to the days of being at the mercy of the insurance industry. We can't go back.

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