Nevada - Tell Your State Senator to Support AB 284

For some women, the greatest threat to their lives could be the man she lives with. For women in Nevada, ranked first in the nation in domestic violence homicides, something as simple as getting out of their apartment rental agreement could mean the difference between life or death. 

In Nevada, a woman is more than twice as likely to be killed by a partner as the average American woman. Domestic violence survivors face many challenges but moving to safety or leaving their abuser shouldn’t be one of them. 

Nevada’s state lawmakers are considering a bill that would help survivors of domestic violence by giving them the ability to end their rental agreement after a domestic violence incident. But the pressure from lobbyists will make this a close vote. We need your help today — tell your state Senator to stand with domestic violence survivors and support AB 284. 

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I urge you to stand with domestic violence survivors by voting yes on AB 284.

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