Tell Congress to Help Families and States Now

Congress is trying to use a bucket to stop a flood ― and it’s not working.

Over 15 million Americans are still unemployed, and nearly half have been out of work for six months or more. States have already cut health care, education, child care, domestic violence shelters, and other vital services ― and deeper cuts and major layoffs of teachers and others who provide these services are looming.

Currently, Congress is considering a bill that would extend unemployment insurance and COBRA benefits, enhance Medicaid assistance, and continue the TANF Emergency Fund.

These measures could be included in a bill to extend some expiring tax cuts, mostly for businesses, and to prevent cuts to physician reimbursement under Medicare. But some conservative members of Congress are objecting to including this emergency assistance in that bill.

Tell Congress to act immediately to provide help for families and states to get through this economic crisis.

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Dear [Decision Maker],

I urge you to act quickly to provide the emergency assistance struggling families and states need. The tax extenders bill that Congress is considering must include an extension of enhanced unemployment insurance benefits and COBRA subsidies to the end of the year; six months of additional Medicaid funding for states to protect essential health care services for women and their families and ease pressure on state budgets; and a one-year extension of the TANF Emergency Fund to enable states to continue to create jobs and help families in crisis.

The economic crisis is real and continuing. Please support effective measures to help struggling families, states, and our economy now.

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