Tell your Member of Congress to vote no on Speaker Boehner's budget proposal!

Less than one week: that's all the time we have before the country will default on its obligations, if Congress doesn’t act responsibly. Which of our bills won’t we honor when they come due: Social Security benefits owed to retirees? Paychecks for our soldiers? Doctors who provided care to Medicare beneficiaries? Payments to states for grandmothers in nursing homes? You’d think that at a time like this, our leaders would get serious about crafting a fair solution that works for all Americans.

But no, House Speaker John Boehner and conservative House members are doing the opposite. They’re using this moment to try to steamroll a radical agenda through Congress, crushing basic assistance programs for vulnerable Americans in the process. Tell your Member of Congress to vote no on Speaker Boehner’s budget proposal!

The $1.2 trillion dollars slashed over 10 years in Speaker Boehner’s proposal would devastate programs that we care about – programs like child care, Head Start, K-12 education, Pell grants, job training, family planning and other women’s health services, and services for the elderly.

But that’s just the beginning. Speaker Boehner’s plan also requires an additional $1.8 trillion worth of cuts by the end of the year, which forces Congress’ hand even further. Dismantling the Affordable Care Act, cutting Social Security and Medicare benefits for current retirees, slashing Medicaid, or unraveling other key pieces of the safety net for women and families would be all but guaranteed. All this, without promising a single penny raised through additional tax revenues from those with the greatest means to pay.

This is the lowest of the low. We need your help to send a strong message: say ‘no’ to Speaker Boehner’s devastating debt ceiling proposal.

After weeks of negotiating behind closed doors, the House will vote tomorrow! We can’t let the House majority hold the country’s future hostage. Join with us in our campaign to Demand Fair Change, Not Spare Change – time is running out for a responsible and fair solution, and we can’t back down now.

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Dear [Decision Maker],

As your constituent, I urge you to reject Speaker John Boehner's budget proposal. The harmful proposal, which calls for $1.2 trillion worth of cuts immediately and another $1.8 trillion of cuts in the next year, would eviscerate key programs that all Americans depend on.

Moreover, fair and responsible fiscal policy should include increased revenues from those with the greatest ability to pay and the Speaker's plan contains no revenue increases. The budget shouldn't be balanced on the backs of women and families. Please vote 'no' on Speaker Boehner's proposal.

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