Add Your Name: Birth Control Is None of My Boss's Business


On March 25 the Supreme Court will hear two cases that could decide whether your boss can make your birth control decisions for you. These cases were brought by for-profit companies that claim that their religious beliefs should prevail over the beliefs of their female employees and that they should be able to evade the law that says their female employees must receive health coverage that includes birth control without co-pays.

Members of the This Is Personal community will be at the Supreme Court to show America their support for this benefit — but we know that there are millions of people who can’t be there in person who still want to take a stand and make their voices heard. Now, you can.

Every person who signs the pledge will have his or her name added to a giant banner that will be displayed on the steps of the Supreme Court.

Add your name if you agree that bosses shouldn’t be making your personal health care decisions. All women, no matter where they work, deserve to make their own decisions about birth control.

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