Play Fair for Parks! Year 2


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Play Fair for Parks in the FY21 Budget!

Dear [Decision Maker],

Great parks make a great city. Parks are the soul of our city and are critical to our health, resiliency, environment, and quality of life. They are critical city infrastructure.

For many New Yorkers, parks and gardens are our back and front yards, summer vacations, gyms, and respite places in this incredibly dense city. Parks also provide vital places for New Yorkers of all ages to connect with nature.

Parks comprise a whopping 14% of City land, but last year NYC Parks received a meager 0.61% of the total City budget, even with the historic addition of $44M to the final expense budget for NYC Parks.

Despite the success of the first year of the Play Fair campaign, NYC Parks has suffered from budget disparities for decades, making it incredibly challenging for the agency to staff, maintain, and secure our parks.

Within existing budget resources, NYC Parks has made strides in creating and rebuilding parks. But New Yorkers cannot stop demanding the long-overdue investment in the people that care for these beloved places. We need the city to continue to Play Fair and invest in NYC Parks!

Increasing both NYC Parks' expense and capital budgets by $100M each will accomplish so much, and impact the lives of millions of New Yorkers.

I support the Play Fair Coalition in asking for the following additions to the FY21 City budget:

Invest $100M in Park Staffing, Maintenance, and Programming:

- $75M means that the hundreds of seasonal park staff garnered last year by Play Fair can become full time, year-round employees and new maintenance equipment can be purchased for all Council Districts.

- $8M allows for additional staff for Recreation Centers, Natural Turf Management, Outreach Coordinators, and the Kids in Motion Program.

- $9M helps with Park Safety by providing 130 Urban Park Ranger and Parks Enforcement Patrol officers with full-time positions.

- $8M funds investments in Nature and Resiliency by conserving our natural forests and investing in the resources community gardeners need.

Invest $100M in Capital Improvements:

- $52M allows the Community Parks Initiative to rebuild 10 parks across the five boroughs.

- $4.8M means structural improvements can be made to GreenThumb Community Gardens citywide.

- $3.8M gives protection and maintenance of Natural Forests throughout the city.

- $39.4M gives NYC Parks flexible capital funding to help complete capital projects and improve parks infrastructure citywide.

We understand that in these uncertain times, it might be challenging to find the will to address parks and gardens in the city budget. But we believe that our open spaces provide critical city infrastructure, boosting health outcomes, cleaning our air and water, providing spaces for community gathering, civic education, urban agriculture, and helping our densely built metropolis feel like a livable city. For too long, parks and gardens have been neglected in the City budget, and we believe now is the time to PLAY FAIR FOR PARKS!

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