Play Fair for Parks! Year 2

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Play Fair for Parks in the FY21 Budget

Dear [Decision Maker],

Thank you for your leadership during this time of crisis and uncertainty. While COVID-19 is causing many complications for our communities and economy, what remains available to New Yorkers are their parks, the city's most fundamentally democratic and accessible public resources. Parks are a respite and provide outlets for New Yorkers to maintain their physical, mental, and emotional health. Parks are essential to our health, resiliency, environment, and quality of life. They are critical city infrastructure, now more than ever.

I am writing to respectfully request your assistance to include an additional $47 million dollars for NYC Parks in the upcoming City FY21 expense budget. This funding will ensure that our parks are safe, well-maintained, and provide equitable health and environmental benefits to communities across the City, during this crisis and beyond.

We ask that you stabilize existing funding to NYC Parks and the nonprofit partners that collectively clean, maintain, and program open spaces throughout the city. Parks workers are deemed "essential city workers." They have been putting their health on the line every day during this crisis to keep our parks clean and safe. Over 340 of these dedicated professionals do not have job security beyond June 30th of this year. We strongly believe these hard-working New Yorkers deserve the guarantee of a job on July 1st.

I support the Play Fair Coalition in asking for the following additions to the FY21 City budget:

$47M to invest in the Expense Budget for NYC Parks
- $26.4M to baseline 342 jobs from city park workers to gardeners to staff in the Natural Resources Group
- $14.8M to create new jobs that further administration goals for creating more programs at recreation centers, playgrounds, and complete the citywide Capital Needs Assessment
- $5.5M for maintenance tools and efficiency upgrades

To see a detailed breakdown of these funds, please visit

This is a challenging time for New York City and its budget process, but this crisis has highlighted the critical role that parks play for our city. Parks have often been made to bear the brunt of past budget crises in this city, rendering our incredible parks system overburdened and understaffed. We must learn from our city's past budget decisions, and ensure that parks, gardens, and open spaces receive the level of funding they need to best serve New Yorkers.

Increasing NYC Parks' expense budget by $47M will ensure that there is sufficient support to keep our public spaces safe for public use now and to accommodate the surge in public use that will come as social distancing protocols are relaxed in the future.

Thank you for supporting our city's parks. We look forward to continuing to work together on a budget that Plays Fair for Parks.

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