A Light That Cannot be Extinguished


Muslim background believers are taking great risks for choosing to follow Jesus – especially now, during Ramadan.

This is what life looks like for our brothers and sisters in the Middle East as their country celebrates this sacred Muslim tradition:

- Punishment for not observing Ramadan, because of their new faith in Jesus
- Phone taps and threatening calls from the government
- Being denied a job or losing a business
- Being forbidden access to God's Word
- Church leaders being imprisoned for opening their doors to Muslim background believers
- Churches being forces underground and small groups split up
- Being forced to flee, finding refuge in other countries apart from all that is familiar

And constantly feeling like they need to look over their shoulders out of fear. Can you imagine it?

Despite this, Iran is also home to one of the world’s fastest-growing evangelical churches.

The determination demonstrated by brave believers is the only way I can explain this explosive growth. And, they need our support as they withstand challenges we can only try to imagine. 


Today, you can provide our brothers and sisters with discipleship training so they can go where we cannot, and reach their communities with the Gospel.

Discipleship TrainingYour gift of $60 provides discipleship training to an isolated Muslim background believer in the Persian-speaking world. But more than that, it tells these brothers and sisters that they are not alone and provides them with opportunities for safe fellowship.

 Your gift of $180 provides leadership training to Muslim background believers with a desire to lead a church or Bible Study group. These leaders will be equipped with Biblical resources in their own language to use in reaching their communities for Christ.   








May Prayer Points

- Please pray for Christians in the Middle East who are forced to flee from their homes and families to settle as refugees because of their faith in Jesus.
- Christians in Muslim majority countries are often imprisoned for their faith – especially during Ramadan. Pray that God would encourage them daily and protect them from attacks.
- Thank God for the incredible growth of the church in Iran! Although persecution is intensifying, new members are joining the church. Pray for the pastors and house church leaders who suffer from these heightened consequences.