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Dear Friends,

Gudek Family MembershipAs I approach the completion of my second year as Board President of the OI Foundation, I can’t help but reflect on the incredible experiences I have had in this role: I attended the annual OIF Scientific Meeting, Investigator Meetings for the Brittle Bones Disorder Consortium, National Health Council Conference, and OIF Regional Conferences in Houston, Montreal, and Portland. I was reminded that OI knows no borders when traveling to Oslo, Norway for the International OI Meeting and as the OIF began working together with the Canadian OI Society to coordinate our efforts in advancing research and providing information and resources to all individuals with osteogenesis imperfecta.

This July, OI community members will come together in Baltimore, MD for the OIF National Conference, where resources and support are provided to all individuals in need of answers. Whether you are just beginning to learn about OI types and treatment options, or you are an adult with OI adjusting to new complications, the OIF has the resources you need.

When I accepted the role of President at the OIF National Conference in 2016, my Board of Directors and I made a plea to our OI community to help in our fundraising efforts. 62% of the OI Foundation’s annual budget comes from individual donations and events. Now I’m asking for your help! Your membership helps fund research, provide medical information, develop new resources, and increase public and professional awareness about OI. Things seem to be heading in the right direction, thanks to everyone that has supported us for the past 48 years. We hope that this support continues into the future.

As President of the OIF Board, my promise to each of you is that our Board and staff will continue our strong commitment and efforts toward the funding of grants, education, awareness, and research. Last year I was very proud to say that 78 cents out of every dollar raised by the OIF goes back to our community! As a matter of fact, Charity Navigator has rated the OI Foundation a 91.36 out of 100 (with four out of four stars).

The OI Foundation owes its success to its loyal, supportive members; the organization’s future depends on you! I hope that you will consider joining the OIF or renewing your membership. Your membership enables us to continue offering the exemplary services we provide to all individuals affected by OI. Together, we truly do have an Unbreakable Spirit®.


Ken W. Gudek, Sr.
OI Foundation Board President

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