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Operation Kindness makes it easy to give every special someone on your list the perfect gift. Giving from our catalog is even sweeter because the funds go directly to benefit the animals. Gifts are symbolic and will be used to help all the animals at Operation Kindness.

All gifts are 100% tax-deductible.

Simply select your gifts and during check out you will have the option to send your gift recipient an e-card or print a copy that you can give personally.

A gift of $10 provides good health and happiness for one kitten or puppy at Operation Kindness by providing life-preserving vaccinations. These vaccinations provide protection from fatal viruses like Distemper, Parvovirus, Calcivirus, and others. Perfect for the health-conscious person on your list!
Your gift will provide vaccines, a bottle and formula, and toys to a young kitten to give them the best start possible in life. Kittens are very vulnerable and require special care to ensure that they are healthy and happy. This gift is perfect for cat lovers!
What's sweeter than puppy breath? Your gift will provide vaccines, a bottle and formula, and toys to a young puppy to give them the best start possible in life. Perfect for dog lovers!
For a homeless animal, a warm comfy bed is often their first touch of kindness. This gift helps ensure every animal has a soft, cozy surface to sleep on every day. Perfect for the couch potato!
This gift positively impacts the pet homelessness issue by preventing unwanted litters that would not find homes. A $50 gift will provide one spay or neuter surgery to a dog or cat at Operation Kindness. This is a perfect gift for the animal rescuer!
Nothing rejuvenates and starts the healing process better than a warm bath and a good haircut. Homeless animals often need special medicated baths to heal skin conditions. The gift of a "spa day" helps provide a homeless animal with the grooming they need to be healthy, comfortable, and adoptable. Perfect for the person on your list who loves mani/pedis!
Give a homeless animal everything they need to get a new leash on life, including their first round of vaccinations, a bed, a toy, a collar, and a meal. Perfect for the shopaholic on your list!
Save two warm, loving hearts by providing medical treatment for two dogs suffering from heartworms- a preventable but deadly disease if left untreated. Perfect for the person in your life who has a big heart!