The 15th Annual OK Classic




Team registration will open at 7:00pm on Thursday, July 28th. Registration is limited and based on a first come, first served format. In addition to being ready at the time of sign up, there are a few ways to secure your spot.

  • Teams that raise $5,000 or more from previous year's participation guarantee a team reservation. 

  • Sponsors that commit at +$5K are also reserved a team slot. 

  • The previous year’s tournament champion is also offered a reservation the following year.

The team fee for The OK Classic is $1500. Teams are NOT required to satisfy the fee at time of registration. Teams are afforded the option of raising funds via the peer-to-peer fundraising platform hosted on this site to satisfy the fee.



If you are player looking to register on a team that was already established, please CLICK HERE to view this year's teams. Please use the search function below to locate your team or leave the 'Team Name' field blank and click on the 'Search for a Team' button.


The OK Classic is a one day, co-ed, 14-inch, charity softball tournament, and festival in benefit of the Warriors at Opportunity Knocks. 

  • Each team is guaranteed at least 2 games of play -- win the first game and you’re out with the next loss. Lose your first one and you’re out on your next loss. Not a true double elimination, but close as we can make it in a single day event.
  • Each player on your team will receive a custom-color team jersey
  • Each team will receive a stipend of event tix for use at the event-day food & beverage stands
  • Each team will also receive an event goody bag with various sponsor-provided items

Traditionally, teams and players work together to reach out to friends and family to raise funds toward the overall team goal and the greater organizational goal of $75,000 for the event.

Recently, we have seen teams exercise their creativity by reaching out to sponsors to help support team fundraising, host events and do all other sorts of things to reach the team fee. Got a new idea!? Run it by us and we'll do what we can to support your efforts or collaborate.

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