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Can't come up with the perfect caption for your Instagram post? Not sure how to inspire your friends to donate to your page on Facebook? Don't worry, we have a couple of helpful options below you can use. Just copy and paste into your favorite social media outlet. Don't forget to link your personal fundraising page and keep your network updated with your progress!

"I'm taking my best shot for lung health. I've recently signed up for the @Lung Health Foundation's #MyLungLife Hockey Challenge and need your help! For every $15 I raise, I plan on working on my hockey skills. Help me raise funds for the programs and services that Canadians need most to protect their lungs!"

"The rinks are closed, and our teams have been cancelled for the year. But I am still playing Canada's favourite sport, despite our physical distancing challenges. I've recently joined the @Lung Health Foundation's #MyLungLife Hockey Challenge and am raising funds through driveway play to support the supports and services they provide to chronic lung disease patients across Canada. Every donation counts!"

"He/She Shoots, He/She Scores! I've started raising funds for the #MyLungLife Hockey Challenge with the @Lung Health Foundation. Follow my hockey skills development throughout the summer and support me in my fundraising. I promise to up the hockey skills difficulty, the closer I get to my fundraising goal! Donate here"

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