Email Templates

Trying to come up with the perfect email to send to your network? Below, you can find a couple of templates to get you started. Remember to tell your story. People will be more inclined to support your fundraising efforts if it is something meaningful to you!

Don't forget to include a link to your personal fundraising page and thank your donors as the donations start rolling in!

Option 1
"Dear _____,

The rinks are closed. The hockey season has been cancelled. But hockey - like hope - lives on. This summer, I have joined the Lung Health Foundation in the #MyLungLife challenge, to help them reach their goals by showing off some of my goals!

All summer long, I will be raising funds for the Lung Health Foundation by taking to my driveway and practicing my hockey skills. We may not be able to come together with our sports teams this summer, but we can come together as a team of Canadians supporting lung health.

To donate to my fundraiser, click here.

From the bottom of my lungs, thank you in advance for your generous support."

Option 2
"Dear ______,

I am taking my best shot at lung health! This summer, I have registered for the #MyLungLife Hockey Challenge and am joining a community of people dedicated to improving the lung health of Canadians.

With this challenge, I will be taking to the streets to practice my hockey skills all while raising critical funds needed to support the Lung Health Foundation in the expansion and delivery of support programs and services for chronic lung disease patients across the country.

Just like the good ol' hockey game, I can't do this alone. Please join me in this important work by challenging me to a new skills competition and donating to my personal page here.

From the bottom of my lungs, thank you for your generous support."