Please support me as run in support of Osteoporosis Canada


My name is Bruce Scafe and I am running my first marathon on May 5thand raising funds for Osteoporosis Canada.

I facilitate a learning and behavioural program for special needs children and live with my wife of 37 years Val, two special needs adults and our two small dogs in Duncan B.C. I also live with osteoporosis.

All my life, I have enjoyed running as an exercise and have participated in a few races including a half marathon about six years ago. As I have never run a full marathon, I have decided to complete this goal in 2019. As it happens, I turn 60 years of age this year and have picked the BMO Vancouver Marathon on May 5, 2019 as my marathon to challenge and will be raising funds for Osteoporosis Canada.

This charity cuts close to home as I was diagnosed with osteoporosis when I was 45 years old. At first, the diagnosis was quite depressing. Why were my bones deteriorating? I did some research and have worked with my doctor over the years to find the right course of treatment for myself. A large part of that treatment is remaining active by exercising which includes weight bearing and a return to running. Like anything in life, there are always some setbacks along the way but you learn to work through them.

My goal is to complete the BMO Vancouver marathon on May 5th and raise $3,000 for Osteoporosis Canada.

Please support me with encouragement and a donation to Osteoporosis Canada.

Thank you!




"Please support and make a donation today."

Goal: $3000

Raised: $895