Pan-Florida Challenge 2019

Caloosa Riders

No child should experience hunger. Not anywhere, but certainly not among the prosperity of much of Florida. The sad fact is that many children experience hunger in the 68 hours when they leave school on Friday afternoon and return to school on Monday morning. 

We’re going to do something about this hidden hunger epidemic and need your help. We have registered for the Pan-Florida Challenge Ride for Hungry Kids and have committed to raising money to feed hungry kids.

Consider these facts:

  • One in five Florida children (20 percent) are food-challenged - so hungry they often can’t sleep or study or do anything but worry about when they’ll eat again.
  • Kids suffering from poor nutrition miss more school, suffer developmental setbacks, experience social, emotional and behavioral challenges – all because they are hungry
  • In just four years, Pan-Florida Challenge has provided over 4 million meals to hungry children.
  • With your support, 2,500+ children will receive PFC Power Packs

This March, we will join hundreds of other riders who are all committed to feeding hungry children. We will endure physical pain so that children will no longer have to endure the pains of hunger. They will return to school on Monday fed, refreshed, and ready to learn.

Won’t you help by supporting our ride? Just $25 will stave off a child’s hunger for an entire month. For $250 you can feed a child for an entire school year. Whatever you can give will help - it all adds up!

We can cure childhood hunger, one meal at a time. We thank you, and thousands of hungry kids will thank you, too.


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