Pig Behind Bars

Tell the University of Missouri to Stop Using Pigs for Emergency Medicine Training

Right now, pigs are being killed in emergency medicine training at the University of Missouri (MU) Columbia School of Medicine. They need your help!

At MU, trainees are instructed to cut into the animal’s throat, chest, and abdominal cavity in order to insert needles and tubes, and to practice heart surgeries. If the animals survive the invasive procedures, they are killed following the training session.

Innocent pigs don’t deserve to suffer and die through this horrific practice! It’s wrong, especially when there are superior, nonanimal training methods available.

Sign the petition below to MU staff now! Urge them to immediately replace the use of live pigs in their emergency medicine program.


  • Patrick Delafontaine, M.D.
  • Christopher S. Sampson, M.D.


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