Please take a moment to call your members of Congress and ask them to support the BEST Practices Act (S.1550/H.R. 3172), a bill to end the use of live animals in combat trauma training courses. Please be polite and encouraging. Use the following talking points as a guide:

  • I am calling as a constituent to urge you to co-sponsor the BEST Practices Act, a bill to end the use of live animals in combat trauma training courses.
  • The use of animals in this type of training is inadequate, due to the numerous anatomical differences between animals and humans.
  • More than 8,500 pigs and goats are killed every year in this type of training.
  • Human-based methods such as medical simulators are effective and widely available.
  • The military recently stopped using live animals to train medical students, so it is clear they see them as a valid training tool.
  • Transitioning away from the use of animals will result in significant cost savings for the military over the long term.
  • Please co-sponsor the BEST Practices Act and do everything you can to ensure its passage.

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