Tell Wayne State University: STOP Experimenting on Dogs Immediately

Dog_renewal_1PCRM has uncovered a disturbing history of cruel, inhumane, and unnecessary research experiments conducted on dogs. Helpless dogs are experiencing horrible pain before they die in taxpayer-funded heart failure experiments.

Take action now to help us stop this! Thank you for caring.


  • Dr. M. Roy Wilson


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Please Halt Cruel Dog Experiments

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to ask that you use your authority and influence to halt the cruel and unnecessary heart failure and hypertension experiments being conducted on dogs at Wayne State University. These experiments have been going on for more than 20 years without translating to benefits for the millions of Americans suffering from cardiovascular disease.

It is time for Wayne State to stop the cruelty!

There is a better, more sensible way. Nonanimal research is proven to give researchers insight into the causes of heart failure, while human clinical trials provide treatment and prevention options.

Please see that Wayne State no longer subjects dogs like Betty, Polly, Hazel, and Rogue to painful experiments. Alternative research methods are better for people and animals.

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