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Tell CARE Research to Halt Testing on Beagles

CARE Research is a contract research organization in Fort Collins, Colo., that tests drugs on animals and continues to be cited for violations by USDA inspectors related to substandard animal care and housing. Please ask CARE Research to use modern, human-relevant testing methods instead of dogs in its experiments.

If CARE Research retires its beagles from drug testing, a group that works with dogs released from laboratories will find homes for all 84 dogs currently owned by the laboratory—without expense to the company.

We have provided some text for you, but personalized messages are always more effective. In your e-mail, it is best to be polite and to the point. Here are some talking points:

  • It is clear based on the records the Physicians Committee obtained that CARE Research cannot adequately care for its dogs.
  • Over the years, CARE Research has been cited for a number of federal violations, including several repeated violations. It was cited for housing dogs in unsanitary conditions, for a lack of proper veterinary care.
  • The federal inspector said, “The situation at this facility regarding these three dog deaths seems to be, in my opinion, loaded with politics, personality conflicts, and poor judgment.”
  • There are number of nonanimal methods available that CARE Research can build into its portfolio as it phases out the use of dogs for testing, including microdosing, microphysiological systems, human cell-based methods, and computational methods.
  • Ninety-six percent of animal-tested drugs fail in humans.

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