Stop Deadly Dog Experiments!

Save innocent dogs from cruelty now!

Right now, dogs are suffering from deadly heart failure experiments at Wayne State University. They need your help!

First, medical devices are surgically implanted in the dogs' bodies. Then, they are forced to run on treadmills while heart failure is artificially induced. Many dogs die during the experiments—but if not, they're killed a few months later when they're deemed no longer "useful" to researchers.

Innocent dogs don't deserve to suffer and die like this! Especially when Wayne State has made no medical advances for heart disease in its 20 years of conducting these horrific experiments! Please help stop this cruelty by taking action now.

Sign the petition below to the president of Wayne State University. Urge him to stop these outrageous dog experiments now!


  • Dr. M. Roy Wilson


Please halt painful dog experiments

Dear Dr. Wilson,

Please halt the cruel and unnecessary heart failure experiments being conducted at your university. These experiments haven't led to any benefits to people, and are killing innocent dogs in the process. I urge you to switch to more effective, animal-free, human-based studies. As the president of Wayne State University, the fate of these animals is in your hands. Please act wisely and compassionately--stop experimenting on dogs!

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