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Tell the U.S. Department of Agriculture: Completely Restore the Animal Welfare Database

In February 2017, without warning, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) shut down its publicly available animal welfare database, known as the Animal Care Information System. This made it harder to find out how animals are used in laboratories and whether those facilities are complying with federal law. The Physicians Committee and a coalition of organizations have filed a lawsuit in federal court, but we need your help. Please contact USDA today.


  • Kevin Shea, Administrator, USDA APHIS


Completely Restore the Animal Welfare Database

Dear Mr. Shea,

I am writing to urge you to completely restore public access to documents previously available through the Animal Care Information Service and on USDA's website, which allowed taxpayers to track your agency's enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act and Horse Protection Act. Built in to the database's structure were provisions that ensured the protection of personal privacy. Numerous organizations interested in open government, animal protection, research transparency, and consumer protection have spoken out against the database shutdown. While we understand you have restored some information and functionality, it is not good enough. The public demands greater transparency from USDA.

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