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Ask Your State Senator to Oppose the “Ag-Gag” Bill

Please send an e-mail that asks your state senator to oppose S. 5172 that is currently being considered in the New York State Senate. Passage of this bill would endanger millions by criminalizing employees who want to blow the whistle on cruel and unsanitary conditions at meat and dairy farms.

We have provided some text for you. Please be polite and encouraging, and personalize the e-mail by sharing why this issue is important to you.

This action alert is for New York state residents. If you are not a New York state resident, please take action on one of our other alerts here >


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Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to ask that you oppose S. 5172, the "ag-gag" bill that is currently being considered in the New York State Senate. This bill would make it illegal for an employee at a factory farm to blow the whistle on illegal, unsanitary, and cruel activities.

Whistleblowers who uncover violations of food safety, environmental protection, and animal welfare laws should be protected, not prosecuted. Numerous undercover videos have shed light on the cruel and unsanitary conditions that many farmed animals are exposed to, leading to positive changes in farming practices. Whistleblower protection is essential to maintaining a healthy and safe food supply.

This bill is part of a nationwide effort by the meat and dairy industry to limit undercover videos which are influencing the public in a meaningful way. Passage of this bill will limit the public's knowledge of the source of their food.

Please oppose S. 5172 to protect whistleblowers and ensure that consumers understand the reality behind meat and dairy production.

Thank you,
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