Pig and Goat

Ask Congress to Urge the Department of Defense to Stop Killing Animals

Please take a minute to ask your senators and representative to urge the Department of Defense to stop the use of live animals in combat trauma training courses. We have provided text for you, but if you decide to write your own message, please be polite and encouraging. Here are some talking points:

  • Please urge the Department of Defense to end the use of live animals in combat trauma training courses.
  • The DOD’s recent report on this issue does not go far enough, offering no timeline for replacement of this cruel and unnecessary use of animals.
  • The use of animals in this type of training is inadequate, due to the numerous anatomical differences between animals and humans.
  • More than 7,500 pigs and goats are killed every year in this type of training.
  • Human-based methods such as medical simulators are effective and widely available. 

Please note: Only United States citizens are able to take this action. Please check here to take action on other PCRM issues >>


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