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The Campaign to Stop Drilling in Pennsylvania's State Parks


Don't drill through the heart of Pennsylvania

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The undersigned organizations and individuals support:

  1. Protecting Pennsylvania’s state parks from drilling. There are about 7 million acres already under lease by the natural gas industry, nearly one-fourth of all land in Pennsylvania. Our state parks were originally set aside exclusively for public recreation and were paid for by taxpayers. We should not compromise this heritage or allow gas drilling to interfere with the public’s use of a resource taxpayers paid for.
  2. Special protections for all of our public lands. Already 700,000 acres of the Commonwealth’s forestland is under lease. DEP should not grant any permit to drill in or within 300 feet of a park without requiring special additional protections to protect our parks.
  3. A special impact fee on drilling and pipelines within our parks – right-sizing the fees to properly value the parks, and to discourage drillers. If natural gas and other resources are taken from public park lands, the revenues generated should be reinvested in the conservation and restoration of the Commonwealth’s natural and recreational resources.
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