For Persons Arrested in Pershing Park Mass Arrest on Friday, September 27, 2002 in Washington, D.C.

Please complete the form below, which will be delivered to the certified class counsel at the Partnership for Civil Justice. The purpose of this form is to bring your current contact (and other requested) information to the attention of class counsel, so that legal notices and other updates can be sent to your attention.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Participate in the Barham Class Action Settlement?
All persons who were arrested at Pershing Park on September 27, 2002.

What if I was arrested somewhere else on September 27, 2002?
The Barham class encompasses only those persons arrested at Pershing Park. There were mass protest related arrests earlier that same morning, including in the 1000 block of Connecticut Avenue and also in the vicinity of Vermont & K Streets (near a Citibank). If you were a part of these other arrests, you are a member of a different class action. There is a separate class action for those arrests, with different class counsel. You are not a part of the Barham class action, which encompasses only the Pershing Park arrests.

If I provide my contact information to you now, is that all I have to do to be a part of any settlement or judgment?
By providing us your contact information now, we will send the initial formal notice to the address you provide if you were arrested during the mass sweep and arrest in Pershing Park on Friday September 27, 2002. There will be further instructions about other steps that you may need to take in order to submit proof of your claim. We will also place copies of all formal notices on our web site.

If I have already provided you my contact information, am I officially set to receive funds from any settlement?
        We have, strictly as a courtesy to those who have an interest in receiving notices, kept track of the contact information of persons who have been in direct contact with us and who have requested to receive notices about the case, when they issue. This is solely as a courtesy, and does not mean that those persons are "registered" to receive compensation. It means only that we will endeavor to get the formal notices to the addresses provided.
        In order to receive your share of any settlement or judgment, you will be required to follow the instructions contained in the formal notice(s) to submit a proof of claim.
        These formal notices will be sent to whoever has provided us with contact information for this purpose, and to all persons whose contact information we have received from the MPD or derived from documentation such as arrest records. We will post copies of the notices and all necessary forms on our web site at We will also undertake other measures to publicize or communicate the availability of these notices and through means that are calculated to reach persons who may have not been in direct contact with us.
        To ensure you receive these important formal notices, please be certain to check back on our web site at periodically.

What if I have already provided my contact information to a law collective or other group that said it was part of the National Lawyers Guild or the "legal team" that was handling the Pershing Park class action?
We want everyone who is entitled to recover damages to be notified of their rights and told of whatever steps they need to take to submit a proper claim. Only the Partnership for Civil Justice is handling the class action from the Pershing Park arrests. Unfortunately, there may have been other groups that incorrectly identified themselves as handling the Pershing Park class action. The only way to participate in the settlement is to file a Proof of Claim form.

The only way you can be sure that your contact information has been provided to us is to submit it to us directly. Using the form above will get it to us. Please also be certain to check back on our web site at periodically.

How and When Do I File a Proof of Claim Form?
The Proof of Claim Form has not yet been publicly issued. The Court has issued its preliminary approval of the settlement. By no later than April 30, 2010, the Proof of Claim form and Notice of Settlement will be posted on the Internet and distributed by mail.

After the Notice of Settlement and the Proof of Claim form are publicly issued, claimaints will have until July 15, 2010 to submit their Proof of Claim to the Class Administrator. Check back on this website periodically, once every 2 - 3 weeks, so you can access the Proof of Claim form here.

What paperwork do I need to save?
Any papers that reflect or relate to your arrest, or which evidence or "prove" that you were, in fact, arrested on September 27, 2002, should be preserved. The formal notice(s) will set out what, if any, documents are needed to be submitted to secure your share of the relief. Do not send paperwork to us. Follow the instructions with the Proof of Claim form.

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