YES on SB300 / HB1542: Funding for Women's Health, Not Planned Parenthood and Abortion.

Better Care. More Access. Yes on SB300Given these tight fiscal times, funding for women’s health care should be prioritized to facilities providing comprehensive health care services versus those — like Planned Parenthood — that offer limited services and that focus on abortion. SB 300 and HB1542 would do just that.

  • Even though statewide abortions are down nearly 7,000 annually since 2008, Planned Parenthood abortions in Pennsylvania are up over 1,500 annually since 2008.
  • Planned Parenthood basic health services are declining and they've chosen to shut down eleven facilities since 2013.
  • Planned Parenthood's political arm engaged in partisan politics and spending millions into PA election for pro-abortion candidates.
  • Planned Parenthood own reports show they have received over $21 million in government funding over the past four reporting years. That total could have covered the publicly-funded birth costs for over 1,600 women in PA.

There are over 300 Federally Qualified Health Centers covering 52 counties in Pennsylvania that provide comprehensive health care for women - including prenatal services, mammograms, transportation to and from appointments and many other services. These health centers reach more women with better care than Planned Parenthood. It's time to use our taxdollars wisely.

TAKE ACTION Tell your Senator - Better Care. More Access. Vote Yes on SB 300 and HB1542.


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