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Urgent Alert - New Threat to Religious Freedom, Privacy RightsThe Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC) is proposing a dangerous end-run around the legislature that seriously threatens your personal privacy and religious liberty. We need you to take action today to protect your freedom!

The PHRC, which consists of nine unelected officials appointed by the governor, is looking to effectively redefine "sex discrimination" to include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity or expression" - broad-ranging phrases with imprecise definitions that would spur expensive lawsuits and undermine our freedom.

This proposed action is a blatant attempt to take power and authority from the people and our elected representatives, and it puts our freedom and personal privacy in danger.

PHRC is taking public comment on their proposed changes through Friday, May 26. Please use the action alert below to contact by email their office with your concerns.

LGBT advocates have sought to make this type of change through the legislature for more than a decade without success – thanks to an outpouring of citizens who understand how this will undermine privacy and religious freedom. Now, unelected government officials are seeking to push this harmful policy upon all PennsylvaniansYour voice is needed to stop this unlawful action.


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