Help Recognize the Value of Children with Down syndrome in PA

Support children with Down syndrome by contacting your elected officials in favor of Senator Scott Martin’s SR174.

CBS News recently published a heart-wrenching story where they praised how “Down syndrome is disappearing” in Iceland because close to 100 percent of babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome are terminated by abortion in that country.

Should we really celebrate killing unborn children with Down syndrome?

Say Yes to SR174 - Support Individuals with Down syndromeThis news story has sparked much outcry, which now includes a proposed resolution in Pennsylvania to offer support for children with Down syndrome.

Senator Scott Martin has introduced Senate Resolution 174 (SR174) which condemns the practice of selectively aborting unborn babies with Down syndrome.

Did you know that in Pennsylvania a baby can be aborted solely because of a diagnosis of Down syndrome?

Pennsylvania’s Abortion Control Act only outlaws sex-selective abortions and permits abortions up to six months in pregnancy for reasons such as a Down syndrome diagnosis.

Children and individuals with Down syndrome are valued members of their families and communities, and make meaningful contributions to Pennsylvania every day. With current laws like Chloe’s Law, which provides Pennsylvania parents and families with relevant information upon the prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome, along with this proposed resolution, we can continue to advance Pennsylvania as a place where every individual is protected, respected and valued.

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