A warhead

Photo: B61 thermonuclear gravity bombs in storage. US Government photo.

"We encourage you to consider monthly giving. Monthly giving supports rapid response grants that fund our most innovative work."

Ploughshares Fund is a global security foundation. We support experts and advocates who implement smart strategies to secure a more peaceful world, including one free of nuclear weapons.

Help us stop the use of nuclear weapons.

By donating today your gift will counter the challenges posed by the Trump administration regarding nuclear weapons. President Trump has plans to spend over $1.7 trillion during the next 30 years to rebuild the US nuclear arsenal — plans that could push Russia, China and other countries to build even more nuclear weapons, saying we need to be “at the top of the pack.” He has threatened withdrawal from a critical nuclear arms control agreement with Russia, and he has just made the most destructive decision of his presidency, a reckless decision to withdraw the United States from the Iran nuclear agreement. Not so long ago, the dangerous rhetoric and mixed messages coming out of the White House only added fuel to a nuclear crisis with North Korea.

Ploughshares Fund has been working to reduce and ultimately eliminate nuclear weapons and threats for more than 36 years. We believe everyone deserves the right to a safe, secure future. Help us continue to fulfill this vision by making a donation today.

All gifts to Ploughshares Fund are tax-deductible.


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