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Blessings of Aging

Blessings of Aging

After serving many years as President-Rector of Sacred Heart School of Theology, Fr. James Brackin, SCJ is presently Director of Senior Life for the Priests of the Sacred Heart. In this position he sees firsthand the possibilities and promises of aging.

Why is it that when we were younger, we always wanted to be older? There was always some privilege associated with being older. Then at some point, there is something "wrong" with getting older. Everything around us seems to say, "There's no privilege associated with diminishment - gray hair and wrinkles." So we decide we've had enough birthdays. Yet as soon as we begin to think in this manner, God says, "STOP! Aging has its privilege. It is the most privileged of all times for entering into your heart and growing in intimacy with me - I especially love gray hair and wrinkles."

We hope Fr. Brackin's talk will inspire you to embrace the years on earth that God has so generously given you.

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