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Sacred Heart of Jesus Prayer Book

Available only in English.

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Table of Contents
General Prayers
Our Father
Hail Mary
Glory Be
The Apostles’ Creed
Sacred Heart Prayers
Pact of Love (1878)
Prayer of Thankful Redemption
The 12 Promises of the
     Sacred Heart
Crowns of Love, II, 3, 6
Prayer for a Renewed Heart
Chaplet of the Sacred Heart
The Crowns of Love, I,
     Preliminary Meditation
Prayer for the Feast of the
     Sacred Heart
Daily Renewal
Prayer to be the Sacred Heart
Feast of the Sacred Heart – I
Feast of the Sacred Heart – II
Feast of the Sacred Heart – III


Feast of the Sacred Heart – IV
Prayer of Offering and Sacrifice
Union with the Heart of Christ
Crowns of Love, II, 3, 4-5
Trust in the Heart of Christ
Prayer of Missions
The Retreat on the Sea,
     Meditations 12
Walk with Me
Novena of Confidence
Novena to the Sacred
     Heart of Jesus
Praise Offering Prayer
Daily Prayer
The Crowns of Love, III,
     Final Meditation III
Prayer of Consecration to the
     Sacred Heart
Anima Christi
Litany of the Sacred Heart
Prayer for Discipleship
Easter Prayer
Prayer of Thanksgiving 
Prayer of Service


Beloved Heart of Jesus
Jesus, Help Me!
Prayer of Grateful Sacrifice
Prayer of Gratitude
Prayer to Seek Justice
Divine Praise
Conversation with Our Lord
Prayer of Self-Dedication
Consecration of the Human
     Race to the Sacred
     Heart of Jesus
Prayer of Loyal Adoration
The Priestly Heart of Jesus,
     Meditation 14
Prayer of Reconciliation
For Peace in the Family
Consecration of the Family
Life of Love, Meditation 27
Day by Day
Life for Jesus
Crowns of Love, II, 1, 3
Prayer of Rededication

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