Signs of the Second Coming Package

Dr. Gary Frazier is one of America’s leading speakers on Bible Prophecy.  His DVDs contain four hours of prophecy teaching filmed in Israel and addresses the events surrounding the millennium and the second coming of Christ. The package also includes three books that are an excellent companion to the DVDs, providing even greater in-depth teaching. These four items are a $65 value!

Package includes:

  • DVD: 7 Signs of the Second Coming
  • Book: Signs of the Coming of Christ
  • Book: It Could Happen Tomorrow
  • Book: America at the Tipping Point


DVD: 7 Signs of the Second ComingDVD: 7 Signs of the Second Coming
Gary Frazier, founder and president of Discovery Ministries, Inc. has traveled to Israel more than 120 times. His extensive knowledge of the Word of God and his love for Israel and its people, eminently qualify him to speak on Bible prophecy and the Middle East. These DVDs offer sound counsel for the Christian and an urgent plea for those who need to know the Christ who is coming again.

Book: Signs of the Coming of ChristBook: Signs of the Coming of Christ
This book discusses the events surrounding the millennium and second coming of Christ. No matter how well versed you are in Bible prophecy, you will find it quite revealing. The book is easy to follow and will leave you thinking about seven of the most important signs of our Lord’s return. God intended prophecy to help you live every day in the light of eternity—to encourage you to make life’s daily decisions with eternity’s values in view. This book will help you be ready for Jesus’ return.

Book: It Could Happen TomorrowBook: It Could Happen Tomorrow
While speculation abounds regarding end time events, Gary Frazier has opened our eyes and hearts to see through the lens of scripture that God has a plan. This book will encourage you to look up, listen up and live upward for Christ s coming is near!
This book will not only inform you, it will inspire you and challenge you to increased evangelistic consciousness, greater missionary concern, and a desire to live a holy life in an unholy age. --Tim LaHaye, co-author of New York Times Best Seller Left Behind --Tim LaHaye
Captivating . . . riveting . . . fascinating . . . mesmerizing . . . all describe the message of this new must-read book entitled, It Could Happen Tomorrow. If you want to have a grasp on the future events that will shake the world, read Gary Frazier s newest book. --Dr. Ronnie W. Floyd, First Baptist Church of Springdale
Gary Frazier writes the way he communicates with passion and compassion. You hold in your hands a message filled with living hope in a Savior who is coming soon. I am personally grateful for this challenging word from one of today s foremost authorities on Biblical prophecy. --Jack Graham, Pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church

Book: America at the Tipping PointBook: America at the Tipping Point
This book is something of a departure for me. In my past books I have written about the indicators present in our world pointing out we are living in the end times and that Christ Jesus is coming again very, very soon. However, as a history buff and one who watches trends and events, I see what has and is happening in America and the path it appears we have chosen and frankly, I find myself greatly alarmed. Were it not for my faith, hope and trust in the sovereignty of God and my understanding of His mercy and compassion, and that He is ultimately in control, I would be frightened. For this reason I feel compelled to address these issues because I see America at a tipping point and the Word of God commands as Christians we are to stand in the gap and sound the warning.

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