Protect Young People's Access to Information

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We have seen the current administration’s attempts to restrict access to reproductive health care services, including comprehensive sex education programs like the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (TPPP). Despite the TPPP’s success, this Administration made the highly unusual decision to disrupt the progress of the existing five-year cooperative agreement projects by shortening the project periods from five to three years.


This week, you will be educating your representative about the importance of young people having access to comprehensive sex education and asking Congress to protect TPPP’s funding in the FY 2019 budget.




Suggested Script:


I am a physician and a constituent in Representative ___________'s district. I am concerned about the current administration’s attempts to terminate the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program and deny young people access to sexual health education that helps them make healthy decisions. Just like adults, young people face important decisions about their relationships, sexuality, and sexual behaviors.


They need age-appropriate, evidence-based tools, skills, and resources to help them take personal responsibility for their reproductive and sexual health. It should treat sexual development as a normal, natural part of human development. As Congress puts together the FY 2019 budget, funding supporting the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program should be protected.