Tell Lawmakers: Stop Separating Families

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As the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy continues to rip families apart at the borders, there is concern that the administration is using this as a negotiating tactic to secure funding for a border wall and other harsh immigration reform policies.


We are calling on Congress to denounce these policies and use their authority to end this policy immediately, and not allow the Trump administration to use family separation as a bargaining chip. This policy is creating serious harm to thousands of children and families and needs to be ended immediately.


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I am a physician and a constituent in Representative _______________’s district. As a health care provider and someone who cares about immigrants fleeing violent situations, I am appalled at the current administration’s callous treatment of asylum seekers who are trying to remove themselves and their children from dangerous situations.


No one should experience the emotional abuse of family separation, nor should they be separated from their children while seeking protection. The separation of children from their parents should not be used as a negotiating tactic to secure border wall funding or other harsh immigration policies. Please ask Representative ___________________ to support legislative action that ends family separation immediately.