Tell Congress to #StopKavanaugh

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This week, we will be joining in with activists across the country to contact senators to oppose Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court during the August recess for the Senate. In particular, we are asking you to participate in being visible on social media to tag your senators during the Digital Day of Action on Wednesday, August 8th, and to call your senators during the National Day of Senate Call-Ins on Thursday, August 9th


On Wednesday, August 8th, Tweet at senators during the #StopKavanaugh to #SaveRoe Twitter storm from 3-4PM ET. 


Sample tweets include:


• The majority can’t be ignored -- and the numbers are on OUR side. The majority of us want to #SaveRoe. That’s why we are rising up to #StopKavanaugh -- because we can’t trust that he’ll respect what the majority of us want: reproductive freedom.

• Senators, we’re counting on you. To #StopKavanaugh, to #SaveRoe -- to preserve the right to abortion not just for us, but generations to come. Too much is at stake to let Kavanaugh onto the highest court in our country.

• The threat to Roe v. Wade has never been greater -- it’s time for all of us to step up to #SaveRoe and #StopKavanaugh.

• Judge Kavanaugh has ruled in past cases to restrict access to safe, legal abortion. He has argued that a boss’s religious beliefs override people’s access to health care. He DOESN’T belong on our Supreme Court. #SaveRoe #StopKavanaugh

On Thursday, August 9, call your senators during the National Day of Senate Call-Ins. Use our script for guidance.


Suggested Script:

I am a physician and a constituent in Senator ____________________’s state. I am concerned about Judge Kavanaugh getting a seat on the Supreme Court because he stands against so many of the issues that are important to me and my patients. I care about my patients’ access to health care, their reproductive rights, and their ability to make decisions about their health care needs free from interference from their employers or politicians. Judge Kavanaugh has shown that he does not value people’s ability to make their own health care decisions or the protections of the Affordable Care Act, including the birth control benefit, maternity coverage, and protections for people with pre-existing conditions. Please tell Senator _____________ to oppose Judge Kavanaugh.